Additional Details Emerge for the 2011 LMS Season

Additional sporting and technical regulations have been released for the 2011 Le Mans Series

After the announcement of the official 2011 Le Mans Series calendar last week with five races in Europe, of which three are shared with the ILMC, Le Mans Series officializes the registration opening and publishes the 2011 sporting and technical regulations.

REGISTRATIONS: Closing date on January 19th 2011 at midnight!

With over 40 cars entered for the whole season in 2010, in 2011, Le Mans Series twinned this season with 3 ILMC races, wishes once again to compete with this score. In 2011, the high performance prototypes and incomparable GTs, will be back on the track for five European rounds.

REGULATIONS: a few novelties …

As evoked in previous releases, the Le Mans Series races will no longer be counted in kilometres but in hours: The 6 Hours of the Castellet, of Imola, Silverstone, or Estoril. Only the Spa Francorchamps race keeps the 1000 Km appellation (but will still last for 6 hours).

The categories will also undergo modifications, LMGT1 disappears and LM GT2 is replaced by two other categories: LM GTE Pro and LM GTE Am. For more visibility, five new colours will represent these categories: red for LMP1, blue for LMP2, purple for FLM, green for LM GTE Pro, and orange for LM GTE Am.

This year again, at the end of the 2011 season, the first two winners of each category will receive an official invitation for the 24H of Le Mans, except in FLM (invited in LMP2), where only the winner is concerned. The winners in the Challenge Michelin Green X classification in prototype, and in GT, will also receive this coveted invitation.

The team classification also changes its concept: Points will be allocated to the team taking into account the car of the team with the best classification (1 car scores the points of the team) on each event. Find all the Le Mans Series news at www.lemans‐

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