Interview: Australian GT 2010 - An Interview with Greg Crick from Round 3

Interview by Sam Tickell

Crick ended up 7th in the 2010 Championship (pic: Australian GT)

Over the coming days we will revisit the 2010 Vodka O Australian GT Championship. In this story, we chat to former Australian GT Champion and former driving standards observer, Greg Crick. We were able to catch up with him earlier this year at Eastern Creek. Crick had some success in the 2010 Championship but was hit hard by mechanical woes - we hope you enjoy this (belated) exclusive interview. Keep an eye out over the coming days for more videos, articles and photos!

Greg, you are a former Champion, and was the driver standards observer. What is it like now to be back driving?

I have had a few years off after winning the Championship in 2006 and as you said, I had a stint last year as the driving standards observer which I enjoyed. Having the input into the category was really enjoyable. It has been to see the category grow, it is now one of the strongest in Australian motorracing at the moment. I am enjoying being back. We haven’t had such a good year though. We purchased some cars from the UK and bought them back, rebuilt them. They have had some engine problems which has hampered our season so far. Although we did finish second at Adelaide but at the Grand Prix we were only able to salvage sixth. But the Grand Prix was an out there event with the crashes, we didn’t have much racing. Unfortunately at the Grand Prix, we had an engine failure on the second last lap of the last race. So we are rebuilding the engine but some of the parts did not arrive from America in time to run our car at this race. So this weekend I am co driving with Ian Palmer in his Viper so I can try to get some points in the Championship.

You mentioned the Melbourne race and its crashes, what can you tell us about that considering your previous role as Standards Observer?

In my view the start procedure was wrong. The cars were too close – nose to tail. When you get a problem like Tony Quinn did when the car fails and goes into limp home, there is just not the room. The rolling starts are fantastic and generally they are safer if they are conducted properly. You need the cars going down the grid slots so they are separated horizontally and you need a car space between the cars to make them safe. You need them to be started a couple hundred metres before the start line to get a natural gap before the first corner.

Back to this weekend, you are sharing a car, how does that impact your preparation?

I’m being fairly causal about it. I was not going to drive this weekend but on Wednesday Ian gave me call asked if I wanted to drive with him and his car. I don’t fit in his car that well as I am taller than Ian but we have worked away at it and with two one hour races, we hope to salvage some points out of it.

And your plans/aims for the rest of the year?

Obviously I love Bathurst – I have done 14 Bathurst 1000s. I love that place, it is one of those places you fall in love with. We also have the Phillip Island round – I love that track too. No doubt that in July it will be iceburg territory and then onto Bathurst, finishing the year off at Sandown – it will be a great finish to the year. I am sure the car will be right, we are going to do a lot of testing to make sure the car is right for the year.

Looking forward to next year – will you go to the 12 Hour?

Yes I would like to.